Small Round Black Reptile Hide Box Snake Lizard Ball Python

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Product Description

Small Size Round Hide Box

  • 5.5" (14 cm) Diameter 2.5" (6.5 cm) Tall
  • Made from ⅛ inch polypropylene with smooth inner and outer surfaces for easy cleaning and strength.
  • These hides help the keep housing expenses of breeding and keeping reptiles and rodents low while giving them the  comfortable and secure hiding places they need.
  • The color easily blends in with any cage decor and the round shape allows for easy camouflage if desired.
  • We like this size for Hatchling Ball Pythoms, Juvenile to yearling kingsnakes, corn snakes and similar small size snakes. For lizards this works well for adult leopard, crested and gargoyle geckos, and similar sized lizards.
  • For rodents this size is good for a small group of adult mice, gerbils, dwarf hamsters or other small species.
  • Remember choose hide that will be snug fit for your animals. if it is too big it may not offer security they need. 
  • Remember to provide hide places on both warm cool side of reptile enclosures, so your snake or lizard doesn't have to choose between feeling safe and controlling their temperature.

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