Corn Snake 101

Mary Evans on Feb 15th 2014

Corn Snakes a Great way to Start.

Corn Snake Hatchling

Corn Snakes or Pantherophis guttatusif you want to get fancy are a great choice for beginners. This was my first reptile and one that I highly recommend as first reptile pet. You cannot beat them for temperament and the color and pattern possibilities grow every year. They are an easy going snake, unlikely to bite, great feeders, are fairly small, forgiving of many beginner mistakes and beautiful to watch.

Their basic care is very simple. They need a hot spot in their tank in the low to mid 80s, best provided by an under tank heat pad or similar, a hiding place on both the cool and hot side and a water dish big enough to soak in if they choose. I like aspen for a substrate myself since it is very easy to keep clean and provides addition hiding places if they want it. A 20 long aquarium is big enough for most adults, but I do prefer to start babies in something smaller. A weekly feeding of live or frozen thawed mice of the appropriate size and your baby will grow at a good rate and be adult sized, three to five foot, in two or three years. Like most reptiles they will continue to grow their whole lives and a very few do get as big a six foot.

This is just snippets of information on these beautiful snakes, enough to you started… Any questions are always welcome and encouraged. Remember the only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask.